Services Fulfillment Applications

Fulfilment can have multiple definitions for many businesses but for POS Direct it means Account Management, Order Processing, Pick & Pack and Collation - we pride ourselves on taking the lead on the fulfilment front for POS and POP material throughout the UK. POS Direct has provided many blue chip companies with the support in fulfilment for delivering their marketing collateral to build that much important brand awareness.

During the past 17 years of business, POS Direct have heavily invested in technology - helping to further support our clients in their fulfilment and distribution needs. The company originally utilised Microsoft office products straight out of the box and four basic computers sourced from PC World. The database, simple in nature, would track the bare minimum of data needed to store and deliver POS & POP material. Information was manually entered and all communication took place in the traditional sense - telephone, fax and the post.

POS Direct currently stands on a solid infrastructure built of dedicated lines, numerous servers with multiple failure points and a user base built on a HP Business PC systems. The IT department hosts a complete development environment which helps in testing our web application integration into our clients infrastructures, be it on a Microsoft or Linux platform. POS Direct have invested heavily in a disaster recovery plan, providing our clients a complete recovery within 2hrs of notification.