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There is no more contested or challenging page on the intranet than the homepage. As it is the most visible page on the site, everyone wants their piece of the homepage

There is also contention about the role of the intranet homepage:

The many different stakeholders involved in the intranet will each have their own, potentially differing, opinions about these questions. What is agreed is the importance of the homepage. It is the starting point for staff, and the jumping off point for the rest of the site. If the homepage doesn't work well, then staff frustration will quickly be heard.

Time should therefore be spent carefully designing the homepage, and getting the balance of functionality right.

To assist with this, this article outlines a framework for thinking about the intranet homepage. It outlines seven key roles, and discusses aspects of each.

Use this as a starting point for discussions within the intranet team, and with the broader group of intranet stakeholders. While there is no one 'right' answer, take the opportunity to revisit the homepage, and judge whether it is best meeting the needs of staff and the organisation